CompuTime LIVE

In 1994 Kevin Quinn and John Anderson began broadcast of a new show on Cablevision called ComuTime LIVE.

Just like their other show NJ LAW, Computime was designed to explain computers and computing to the general public.

Remember, in 1994 there was no other show that addressed such technical issues on TV. The internet was

just coming out of it's shell and computers were still scary as hell. Each show allowed the viewer to see computing in a new,

less threatening light and make the average user utilize the power of computing.


From the few surviving clips you will see the advent of ISP or Internet Service Providers, allow users access to the World Wide Web

without having to  connect to Compuserve or AOL first. Think about this in a historical context.


The show was hosted and Produced by Kevin Quinn and included a gamming guy segment by Paul Doty.

Once again, this show was years before and tech tv or venue for user help, was LIVE and call in.

Enjoy the clips and a historic perspective.


Sadly, CompuTime Live was axed after a year and a half, by a new Program Director for Cablevision who told the creators that she didn't think people

were going to be interested in computers or technology.